Appears In 2
Manila is a location in the second game Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients. The port opens at the same time with Shanghai and Jakarta.

Secret IngredientsEdit

Manila is a very important port story-wise, it's importance come from the fact that it harvests a local cacao used in different recipes - Philippine cacao. Also, this port gives passage to the Fiji Islands where one of the most expensive ingredients can be found.

  • Pasig River Market - The local market in Manila. Afryea Baumeister sells her wares to the player. The available ingredients here are cacao, cashews, coffee, mangoes, milk solids, sugar, and truffle powder.
  • Malacañang Palace - A location where the player can meet various characters. Oscar Segura can be occasionally found here.
  • Sagada Terraced Farms - A location where Yaa Ambolley sells to the player the local cacao - Philippine cacao. The real Sagada in the Philippines is not located within Manila, but still within its island, Luzon.


  • The structures and several landmarks depicted in the art is very similar to those in real life.
    • The two churches depicted resembles the San Agustin Church (the one on the right) and Baguio Cathedral (the one on the left).
    • The white landmark in the center resembles the Manila Central Post Office.
    • The Pasig River Market may be based on Paco Market, a market on the docks of the real Pasig river.
  • Excluding the secret port, Manila is the only port in world where there's no chocolate shop to sell chocolate.