Bali is a port which is not seen on the map earlier. Bali is revealed when you get to speak to Alex Fletcher. Once spoke to, the port is revealed on the map.

Quests in Bali Edit

There are not many quests in Bali - there is only two major quests. They are called...

  • Ticket to Indonesia (Alex will send you to Bali once you met her in Hotel de Cuba in Havana.)
  • Kintamani Plantation (Gather 10 of each of your first two creations and give it to Santoso Devi. He will then let you buy the two ingredients at the plantation: Balinese Coffee and Balinese Cacao.)

Like all other ports, special quests are at Bali as well.

Buildings Edit

  • Agung Shadows Market (Market)
  • Mangku's Sweets (Chocolate Shop)
  • Kintamani Plantation (Plantation)
  • Island Temple (Building)

Trivia Edit

  • Bali is the only port to have coconuts in Agung Shadows Market - But it is not used in much recipes.